How to Run a Giveaway on a WordPress Blog

A giveaway is a common way to increase page views and social media followers for your blog. Giveaway tools that are designed to work with the WordPress blog platform make setting up and administering your giveaway simple, freeing you to concentrate on promoting the event. Any WordPress blog, regardless of size and readership, can run a giveaway using these tools. The results you can expect depend on your goals for the giveaway and your ability to promote it.


Plan Your Giveaway


Set clear, measurable goals for your giveaway. For example, the primary goal for your giveaway may be to increase your blog’s traffic. To accomplish this, you want more people to get your blog posts delivered via email or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader. Your secondary goals may be to increase your WordPress blog’s followers on Facebook and Twitter. These goals will be reflected in the entry requirements for your giveaway.



Obtain the giveaway prize or sponsor. The giveaway should be tied to the overall theme of your blog. Generally, the larger the prize, the more people will enter your giveaway, but prizes do not have to be big-ticket items. Be creative! Depending on the theme of your blog, a simple handmade item can be an effective prize.

Some bloggers pay for giveaway prizes themselves, while others obtain sponsors who donate prizes in exchange for a review and links to the sponsor’s website. If you choose to work with a sponsor, be sure to disclose this to your readers in accordance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines (see Resources).

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